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Spirit Chronicles is a newly formed Web-Zine

‘Traversing the Obscure’ 

Here at Spirit Chronicles we bring you a web magazine that contains all forms of media, giving you a 360 degree experience of the lives of people ‘Being the Change’ in Spirituality and the Paranormal. Spirit Chronicles brings you Monthly episodes investigating, exploring and chronicling the lives of the Cast N’ Crew and people just like you that have an interest in all things unexplained.

Since the beginning humans have searched our planet, time and space to find answers to our existence and explain or understand what makes our shared existence so unique. For some reason the Supernatural and all things Spiritual make a significant impact on our us more than anything else. We can remember these experiences like they were yesterday because they changed us in very real ways. We at Spirit Chronicles make it our mission to aid you and ourselves in these Paranormal and Spiritual journey’s.

Being sponsored by a non-profit like Haven International we are extremely lucky to be able to extend their message of brotherhood with each other and the earth and importance of sanctuary. Spirit Chronicles cast and crew deeply respects the spiritual knowledge and experiences our interviewees share with us, honor the subjective experience and scientific research of the paranormal groups that we follow and strive to make the people we come in contact with feel that sense of brotherhood Haven’s intent is to project into the world.

We thank you, our fans or future fans for your continued support in aiding us with this message and this journey. Remember to stop by the Sponsors page to learn just how you can donate or help us.

If you would like to contact us to be a part of a Pod-Cast, Written Article or a Monthly Episode see the Contact Page.

Spirit Chronicles is created by Runic Productions.

Sponsored by Haven International.

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Warning, the events, ceremonies and scientific studies chronicled here are  by skilled and trained practitioners. The people and events you are about to see are real. No part of this show is artificially produced or manufactured. We use no actors and no one is paid to appear on this show.

Do not attempt to re-enact any part of this program without the proper training or assistance. These are sacred to those practitioners and therefore should be treated with respect and reverence.

This is True reality TV.

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The possibilities are endless but the adventure is just beginning.

Posted 02/08/2012 by Battlecrow

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  1. Awesome guys!! Love the page!

  2. very cool site guys, keep uo the good work.

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